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MU Museum and Gallery Crawl

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If you didn’t have a chance to follow the birdie Thursday, Sept. 17, to MU’s Gallery and Museum Crawl, it’s not too late to see some really great exhibits.Gallery Crawl

Though the chocolate fountain will most likely be gone,  you can find a giant 10-ft-wide bird nest made of glass and twigs at the George Caleb Bingham Gallery in the Fine Arts Center on the MU campus. The “Communal Nest” is part of a traveling exhibition called “Absence of Body,” by artist Susan Taylor Glasgow. The nest will be on display until Oct. 1. If you have ever imagined what a prehistoric bird nest might look like, come see this one in real life.

Speaking of prehistoric, check out the exhibits at MU’s Museum of Anthropology in Swallow Hall. “Show-Me the Best: Remarkable Artifacts of Missouri” is on display through September. The exhibit has some of the most interesting displays; one is a step-by-step how to make an arrowhead. Missouri heritage is a big portion of the exhibit, so if you want to get back to your roots this is the place for you.

Perhaps something from the 20th century fairs better for you. At the State Historical Society of Missouri in Ellis Library you can find portraits of famous Missourians like Mark Twain, Harry Truman, and Thomas Hart Benton. The exhibit, “Twentieth-Century Missouri Portraits: From Famous to Familiar,” will be around through March 2010. In the meantime, checkout the political cartoons in the main corridor. Until Oct. 3, the exhibit titled ““Wall Street and Main Street,” Editorial Cartoons on the Economic Crisis of the 1930s from the St. Louis Post–Dispatch” create a timeline down the length of the hallway. The artist, Daniel Fitzpatrick, portrays his thoughts about the Great Depression era.

Need something more vibrant? Go to Craft Studio Gallery at the bottom of North Memorial Union where you can find oil on wooden panel paintings that are aesthetically pleasing. Artist Elizabeth Snipes uses the human figure as her subject in the majority of her works. It’s a small exhibit, but if you have time to check out the studio it’s worth it. Classes at the studio range from $10-$100 for an individual class, but group rates and membership fees make it cheap for what you get out of it.

Finally, head over to MU’s Pickard Hall and try not to get lost inside the Museum of Art and Archaeology. The place has so many items on display it’s hard to see it all in one visit. Featured right now are exhibits titled “The Sacred Feminine, Prehistory to Postmodernity,” showing through Dec. 24, and “The Faces of Warhol” showing through June 6, 2010. Both exhibits are worth an afternoon trip to the museum especially if you’re an Andy Warhol fan who is interested in seeing the women in religion depicted over the past 7,000 years.


Written by Andew Feiler

September 18, 2009 at 11:40 am

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