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Eric Hutchinson Live at Jesse

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Eric Hutchinson finally played in Columbia last night at Jesse Auditorium. His first show was rained out this summer, and luckily they decided to play inside this time because it was pouring down rain again. Hutchinson even did a little song-on-the-spot about the rain. And I have to say, my favorite part of it was when he turned back to the band and said “Watch me for the changes, and try to keep up”–I’m a huge Back to the Future fan.

Erich Hutchinson played his album "Sounds Like This" live at Jesse Auditorium

Hutchinson’s biggest hit is the catchy “Rock & Roll”, but it’s far from his best song; kind of a bummer that it’s his most well-known. Most radio-friendly, I guess. He sounded just like his album Sounds Like This and played a few new songs that aren’t on the album. He also did a cover of “My Girl” with a bit of R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” in the middle, which was delightfully cheeky–he introduced the song by saying it was one of his oldest songs and that it had been a big hit for him, so of course everyone was expecting “Rock & Roll”.

John Gurney opened the show and played a surprisingly long set–maybe I only think this because I saw him open for We the Living at Mojo’s a few weeks ago. I know Gurney is pretty well known here in Columbia, and he’s very talented, but he just needs to take it up a notch if he’s ever going to make the big time.

Hutchinson had great chemistry with his band and a great show was made even better by the fact that they looked like they were having a blast. He played keyboards, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Although I’m sure some people came out just because it was a free show, but the majority of people there seemed to be genuine fans. Hutchinson himself asked how many people had heard the album, and most hands went up.

The show was sponsored by MSA/GPC College Music Committee and 102.3 KBXR.


Written by Nancy Stiles

September 25, 2009 at 11:03 pm

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