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The Starlight Mints energize the Blue Note

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The neon glow sticks that stuck straight up out of the stage were the first lights visible in the Blue Note’s dusky hall, a seemingly perfect visual complement with the background of shifting lights to the Starlight Mints, a psychedelic pop band from Norman, Oklahoma.

A larger space than the Blue Fugue, the Blue Note turned out a crowd of about thirty that filtered in and out and appeared sparse in this venue while the Starlight Mints played, but the steady group that stayed for the band’s full set used the space to dance the night away. Some of the audience hung back by the bar, watching the kaleidoscopic show from afar.

When lead vocalist Allan Vest and keyboardist and vocalist Marian Love Nunez agreed upon performing two more songs at the end of the Mints’ set, they threw a light show to the walls and excited the audience gathered fairly close to the stage even further. The space wasn’t as comfortable as the Fugue’s, where people were crowded next to the short stage that housed the Company of Thieves, also Friday night. But the Starlight Mints filled the hall with creative vocalizations, some simply calls without lyrics but all with catchy, upbeat tunes underneath. The group’s constant, precise beats and almost metallic sounds made sure the space never once felt empty.

Maybe it was also because of the hula-hooper in the back, twirling a lit circle of electric blue around her wrist, or maybe the backpack-toting fans, too, running, jumping, dancing and clapping with the energized crowd and illuminated by the oranges and greens in the Mints’ shadow. Whatever the contribution, the show put on by the Mints was as intriguing and peculiar as the band’s music and videos themselves.


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