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CoMo Derby Dames

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Como Derby Dames

While most Missourians were mourning Mizzou’s loss to Oklahoma State last night, another group was caught up in their own celebration.

Last night the CoMo Derby Dames trounced the Capital City Crushers. Benefiting the Safe Passage Women’s Center, the “Bootleggers’ Brawl” featured some impressive skating and some even more impressive spills.

Think the rough and tumble of football…on wheels.

In what could be considered a thrashing, the Columbia women were racking up points left and right dispelling any myth that boys are tougher than girls. One of the notable players of the evening, “Slamrock” is housewife and mother. Others included “Adderoller,” “Brick James” and “Maim-y Fisher.”

When the doors opened at 6:30, the sight of the makeshift  rink and nearly empty bleachers seemed like the “bout” could be disappointing. But as the start time of 7:30 came closer, a crowd started to form and the skaters started practicing their moves. It became clear they were serious.

Explaining the rules of roller derby could possibly the most challenging aspect of the game. However, its speed and excitement make for a great evening that helps a good cause. Below is footage from a previous bout to give a clearer picture.

Last night’s game also included performances from Dinofight!, Pat Boone’s Farm and the Moon Dance Studio belly dancers. Their next home game won’t be until December 19, so there’s plenty of time to brush up on your roller derby rulebook.


Written by Anna Gaynor

October 18, 2009 at 11:09 am

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