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Quality is King at Bluebird Festival

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FDRFor those with a Bluebird Pass, bar hopping was the best way to really enjoy the festival. Since each bar has bands along a certain genre roaming the streets offered the best spread of music and as well as prime people watching.

Harpo’s was vacant compared to many of the other establishments. The Stolen Winnebagos played the bar from 9:30 to 12:30pm and played some really fun covers that got people dancing.

Stolen Winnebagos Playlist

Other bands included FDR’s Revenge who was the last performance at Eastside Tavern. A small crowd of fans had gathered, making the bar looked filled. Evenings like this are one of the few where smaller, intimate venues produce some of the better shows of the weekend.

FDR’s Revenge Playlist

With all the walking and dancing, not one band sounded like it didn’t belong. Although the crowd’s differed in size at each bar, festival goers seemed to be having a great time at every location. Most were just interested in the music, but others got into dancing and talking to friends and strangers. Throw in some seriously intense beards,  and a Jason Schwartzman doppelganger, and you will find yourself with a very successful festival.


Written by Anna Gaynor

October 18, 2009 at 2:44 pm

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