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The Hipnecks spice up the Blue Note “for the cropdusters”

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The Blue Note was alive Saturday night with the floor crowd dancing wildly to the Hipnecks, a band that describes its music as rooted in “the fertile grounds of the American Midwest.” Filled with incredible fast-paced guitar solos from guitarist Zach Harrison and the husky, smooth voice of guitarist, vocalist and harmonica extraordinaire Pat Kay (who also happens to play the mandolin, banjo and djembe), the Hipnecks kept the crowd jumping through their hour-long set.

The Hipnecks’ set pulled from their successful past albums Just Another Fine Day and American Night, along with new songs that guitarist Scott Anderson mentioned the band had never played before.

“This is for y’all cropdusters,” Kay said, nodding to mounting cheers from the audience.

And then the music exploded.

The Hipnecks can’t be described as just loud – there’s a quality to their songs that keeps the musical value of rock ‘n’ roll alive no matter how boisterous or booming their sound. They also have the capability to pull off more subtle pieces centered on Kay’s harmonica with same energy that they bring to the foot-stomping pluckiness of pure Americana.

Their pieces catch on and force you to full-on dance, not just participate with an awkward head bob, no matter how bad you might be (coming from someone who just might be that terrible). The crowd gathered at the Blue Note definitely had the same idea as people swung each other around in front of the stage.

The best part about taking in the Hipneck experience were the expressions on the band members’ faces as I closed in and snapped away practically from on top of the stage. Each one of them looked like he was having the time of his life, and it sounded out throughout their set. Like so many of the bands performing at Bluebird, the Hipnecks left the crowd cheering for more.


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