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Ensemble Galilei Performs with NPR’s Neal Conan

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"Ensemble Galilei"

Consider a picture book with background music in a movie theater and you will find “First Person: Stories from the Edge of the World.”

Experience thoughts from Charles Darwin literature and many more famous explorers, aided by Ensemble Galilei’s music and National Geographic Image Selection Photographs.

A group of musicians known as Ensemble Galilei have combined visuals and narratives with their melodic compositions. Neal Conan, the host of NPR’s “Talk of the Nation,” narrates their latest show titled, “First Person: Stories from the Edge of the World.”

Pictures from National Geographic are displayed on a movie screen behind the performers on their various instruments. Their music incorporates Irish, Scottish, early and original music.

The next local showing of Ensemble Galilei with Neal Conan, is in Joplin, Mo., March 6, at Pro Musica Joplin in the Central Christian Center, 410 Virginia.


  • Kathryn Montoya, recorders, oboe, and whistle
  • Sue Richards, Celtic harp
  • Carolyn Anderson Surrick, viola da gamba
  • Hanneke Cassel, Scottish fiddle
  • Allison Edberg, early fiddle
  • Glen Velez, percussion (selected performances)
  • Neal Conan, Narrator
    For selected performances: actor Bill Pullman and Liane Hanson from National Public Radio